Dear Evy:

promising to live a happy and simpler life in honor of my evelyn

I went to work Friday morning and Adam stayed home with Evy and Ava. Evy still had a fever and Adam was going to call the On-Call Doctor to get an appointment. At 9:30 she was seen by the doctor and they had someone come from the hospital to drawl blood and insert a catheter to check for a UTI. Preliminary results showed no sign of a UTI and they were still thinking just a viral (stomach) bug. They said it could take 4 days before she would feel better. Adam brought her in to our work. This was the first day I noticed that she really didn’t care who was holding her. She had always been a Mommy’s Girl. My bestie Becky fed her a bottle that I had just pumped. She drank it really well, but when Becky sat her up, a waterfall of milk came back out.

I left work to take her home and cuddle on the couch. Adam’s mom was going to keep Ava. Her fever was still high: 103 – 104. The doctor told us to alternate Tylenol and Motrin. Motrin was the only thing that actually kept her fever down, but it still persisted. I continued to nurse but she had a decreased appetite. The doctors called us that evening to let us know that so far nothing was growing on the blood and urine cultures. This was the first night that the diarrhea started, which was supposed to be a good thing because it gave the doctors more of a reason to think stomach bug. We went to sleep hoping that tomorrow she would be better by morning.

Evy's Last Smile Evy's Last Smile Evy's Last Smile

This was the last time I ever saw her smile. I was hoping that this was the start of her feeling better.

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