Dear Evy:

promising to live a happy and simpler life in honor of my evelyn

We are back from a weeks vacation, but no WIFI had left me unable to type. A week without typing just built my emotions up and left me crying at everything little thing. Whenever I write to Evelyn it is a great way to get all my feelings off my chest and release a flood …

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Evelyn, I can’t imagine any days harder than your birthday. I tried so hard to keep positive on that day. But in reality, it was just awful. Losing you before your first birthday brought on so much heartache Saturday. You never had a first birthday. You didn’t get a candle on your cake. We never sang Happy …

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  Event: Ellie & Tyler’s 4 Miler + Evy’s 10K When: Saturday, September 13, 2014 – 9:00 AM Where: Miami Whitewater Park, Harrison Ohio Entry Fee: $20 includes Race Shirt (if registered by August 30th) •sign up online      •print pdf registration form       •sponsorship form This event is to promote awareness of …

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So they say everything happens for a reason. One of my friends posted that on facebook after you passed. She hated that saying and has dealt with tragedy in her life and couldn’t understand how a baby dying could happen for a “reason.” It is a poor saying. It is cold and empty. The saying …

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Oh Evelyn, I miss you so much. This morning we did a ‘Celebrate Evy Memorial Shoot’ at Uncle Scott’s house. That was fun and distracting and entertaining. But once we met the rest of the family on you Daddy’s side, it was so obvious that you were missing. I already had bought you a 4th of …

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July 4, 2014


God Wink #2

The morning of your visitation was like waking up the day after your passing all over again. It had been 5 days. We spent the night before putting together your picture boards. They turned out beautiful, but so sad to see your whole life played out from birth to death on 10 boards. As I rolled out of bed, dreading the day, I received a message from my friend Nicole. This passage was from her morning devotion and she felt compelled to share it with me.

“The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”
Psalm 34:18


It couldn’t have been more perfect and gave me the strength I needed to just start the day. For some reason I ended up at the kitchen sink, which I hadn’t been at in 5 days thanks to the generous outpouring of food and helping hands from friends. Looking out through the window I saw a bright pink speck along the tree line. Was it a pink flower? We hadn’t ever had anything pink bloom out there before. I took my shears and thought I’d check it out. It was a beautiful single pink peony blossom. Never did we have a pink peony in the 3 years that we lived at our house, nor did we even see the bush. But there it was, picture perfect. It was the most beautiful, full bloomed peony in such rich tones. I knew that single bloom was for Evy. I cut it, placed it in a water tube and laid it next to her perfect little body in the coffin. Never did it wilt. It stayed fresh all night and still looked beautiful the next day when we closed the coffin for the last time. It was such a wonderful gift from God that I will never forget. It will be interesting to see if it ever blooms again in the years to come.

Pink Peony


Hi Evelyn. You’ve been on my mind, not that you’re never not, but I have been thinking a lot more about you in Heaven. I watched the movie ‘Heaven is for Real’ but wasn’t overly impressed. What I didn’t like was the fact people were questioning if Heaven was really real. If it’s not real, then where …

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