Dear Evy:

promising to live a happy and simpler life in honor of my evelyn

Our dear friend Rocky was on our list to call in the middle of the night when Evy was sent to heaven. He sat down and wrote this poem about our precious little girl. I cried while reading it, but then actually laughed in the last verse because it says ‘wipe away those tears.’ Well Rocky, you just made me sob while reading it and now you tell me not to cry! The poem is just perfect.


Care free and innocent
Smiling through life
No one could predict
The pain and the strife
Happy and loving
Rarely a fuss
Hold her “face out”
So she can see all of us
Not long for this world
Not even a year
Collectively the heavens
Rained down a tear
With family at her side
Storms rumbled through the night
God called her home
She followed the light
Why does this happen?
This can’t be his plan
She fought all she could
She’s now in His hands
We’re left here with questions
Celebrating her days
It’s so hard to understand
The grace in His ways
She is the lucky one
But it’s so hard to see
She’ll sit by His side
For the rest of eternity
He’ll hold her tight
And make sure she’s fed
Tucked in by the Lord
She’ll sleep sound in her bed
Wipe away those tears
You’ll see her again
She awaits you with smiles
In the Kingdom of Heaven

– Rocky Doller

June 5, 2014

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