Dear Evy:

promising to live a happy and simpler life in honor of my evelyn

The last two days have been really hard. Your dad and I just cry. It has been hard for us, but we only had to grieve for ourselves. Ava is now starting to have a hard time too. She misses you. You two were really starting to play together. You would follow her around everywhere and insisted on playing with her sippy cups and wanted to sit on the Mickey couch right next to her. You would crawl up next to her and wiggle your butt to turn around and sit. It would always land right on her face. She would always say, “Oh Evy.” It was so funny to watch you two play.

Ava was so proud that you were her baby sister. She would say “That’s my baby sister.” At first she wasn’t upset when we explained to her that you were no longer going to be with us; that you would be an Angel in heaven. She moved right along in asking if she could have a baby brother. She didn’t understand. We were happy that she didn’t have to be sad too. But as the weeks have gone on, she seems to really be understanding that you aren’t coming back.

Ava has her Guardian Angel Evy bear, her Evy Angel pin, and her Evy necklace. She likes to have one of them with her. We thought we lost her Evy Angel pin when we went on vacation last week. We stopped by the same rest stop on the way home to check. No luck. Ava was so upset. Luckily when we came back home it was in the middle of her room.

Ava went to the zoo with her Godmother. Out of the blue she said that we had to pray for you. That you are now with the Father. But she also said that she was sad and that she misses you. That she keeps looking for you and can’t find you. It broke my heart to hear that. It was bad enough trying to live without you, but to hear your sister say those words has made me so sad. I don’t want Ava to be sad. I always said that you two would be best friends. Please be her Guardian Angel and look after her. Keep close to her so that she can feel you near. Share in her good times and help her through her difficult days. Keep her spirits high and fill her heart with the joy that you two shared.

IMG_0522 Dear Evy


One thought on “Dear Evy: Your Big Sister

  1. Susan Turner says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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