Dear Evy:

promising to live a happy and simpler life in honor of my evelyn

Evelyn Sarah LeggeSweet little girl, it has now been 3 months since we’ve held you in our arms and said goodbye. It’s crazy that it has been so long already. At first, we couldn’t look anywhere in the house without thinking of you. It felt so empty. Sadly life has gone on and in our day to day routine only certain memories are triggered. Sitting here writing to you, I look around and can see you trying to climb onto my lap or trying to find the littlest piece of dirt the sweeper didn’t get or trying to get into the dog cage. You wanted into the dog cage just as badly as the dog wanted out. I would yell Eeeeeeevelyn. You would just turn your head around and give me a look like, “Who me? I’m not doing anything?”

These three months have gone by too fast. I hate the thought that in a few more months you’ll be gone longer than you were alive. That we will have to live our lives longer without you than with you. 10 months was just not enough time. As I sit and struggle to type through my tears, I’m reminded of a saying that I just saw at my Tri Kappa meeting on Tuesday:

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

So I’m going to wipe my tears and live simple and be happy in your honor, sweet girl, because I am so glad that I did get 10 months with you. I have learned so much from you and will try my best to be a better person. Love you Evelyn.


One thought on “Dear Evy: Three Months

  1. jenniferblock9 says:

    As you learn from Evy, we learn from you. You appear so strong, but it’s not easy being strong. I pray God will give you strength daily. Love your Christian heart!

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