Dear Evy:

promising to live a happy and simpler life in honor of my evelyn

Sweet girl, today is the day of thanks. Thanksgiving brings up a lot of memories, but I’m thankful for those memories. Two years ago on this day, your sister announced I was pregnant with you. Ava was around 18 months old and we had her learning everyone’s names. When we pointed to my belly, we taught her to say, “Baby.” So we sat around the table and was pointing to everyone as Ava would say, Uncle David, Aunt Trish, Aunt Joan, ect. Then it looked like Adam was just pointing to me instead of my non-showing belly, and Ava, right on cue, said “The baby!” It was perfect. Everything about you was perfect. It was the perfect pregnancy, the perfect birth, and you were my perfectly happy baby. I will always remember that we announced you on Thanksgiving. Since you lived such a short life, all of the memories are so very important and I cherish them all.

Every night we have family prayer time before bed. We just liked the idea of Ava learning to pray at a young age and it also gives us great family time. We started Ava off simple by praying for 3 people and thanking God for 3 things. After you passed, Ava of course includes you in one of her 3 people who need prayers. I am so grateful that Ava continues to remember you, but I know you do not need prayers. You are perfectly placed next to God and exactly where you should be. Prayers are for someone who is having a hard time or lost or needs something. So we always change it so that we are praying for you to give us strength and to continue to look out for us.

I always include you in the thanks and praises portion of our prayers. I am so very thankful that I was blessed to be your Mom, that I got to spend 10 months with you, and that I have two amazing daughters. This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the JOY that you brought into our lives Evelyn Sarah (and all the God Winks you keep sending us.) Love you.

Pictures from last years Thanksgiving and the girls' outfits. 
thanksgiving dresses

Evelyn Sarah Thanksgiving Thanksgiving with Evelyn Sarah


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