Dear Evy:

promising to live a happy and simpler life in honor of my evelyn

Oh my dearest Evelyn, we laid your little body to rest on Tuesday. The burial service was kept small; just the same people that were in the room when you passed – Mommy, Daddy, Ma, Pa, Nana and Papaw. The burial service was short. I wanted this final goodbye to be intimate. We had picked out the prettiest little casket, all white with chrysanthemums beveled on top. Father Chris Craig said the final prayer. No tears were shed. I’m not sure if we were just all cried out from the funeral mass that preceded or if something greater was happening. I no longer felt connected to your little body laying in the closed casket.  I wasn’t sad about them burring you, because that’s no longer where you were to me.

You have been all around me, in my heart, the breeze, and in the peony. I believe in heaven and know that you have sent me little God-Winks already. But that doesn’t mean I’m not grieving. The problem is, you should be crawling on the floor, standing in your crib and saying “ma ma ma ma ma” and not in some flower. So that has been the hardest part. Even though I have felt you near to me, it is so hard to see your high chair and your milk frozen in the freezer. You have left me with an aching in my heart.


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