Dear Evy:

promising to live a happy and simpler life in honor of my evelyn


Dear Evy, today I have really missed you. I’m glad your daddy’s family drug me out of the house or I feel it would have been one of those days that I just sat and cried. I saw some wild daisies growing along side the road and they made me think of you. Your all white casket with daisies beveled on top has given me a new found love for these flowers. I took your sister with me and she laid them by your side. Your dad mistakenly told her that you were buried in the ground so now she likes to say you are under the sand. Obviously its a lot to understand for a 3 year old. But we now focus on that you are in heaven and an angel. She asked where heaven is and told her all around us and that you will always be near. We then blew kisses into the sky and screamed “WE LOVE YOU EVY!”

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