Dear Evy:

promising to live a happy and simpler life in honor of my evelyn

Dear Evy: You Are Changing Lives

June 12, 2014

Evelyn I am so proud of you. I knew you had bigger plans for us than your life here on earth. Or at least I threatened God that you better have bigger plans! I hear from so many people the lives you are touching and the little miracles you are creating. You truly are a blessing. Your great grandma has reconnected with her grandson, your cousin Bridget is having more family dinners, Kelly is having Evylutions and living her life to the fullest. If everyone is holding their children tighter, giving extra kisses and living their lives simpler in honor of you, then it makes me so proud to be your mom. Today, we had a lot going on and everything ran over, but we were in no rush and were just able to simply enjoy our day.

This evening I went to a mass and one song just really touched me. This is the verse that really caught my attention:
“When I wake up in the land of Glory,
And with the Saints I will tell my Story,
There will be one name that I proclaim”

Your story will continue to unveil itself throughout my life. My goal is to share it with the world.


Here is the full song. I have a feeling this will be the new song Ava and I will be singing.

One thought on “Dear Evy: You Are Changing Lives

  1. Nicole says:

    You have no idea how she is changing lives…..i have contemplated quitting my job that i have just started because i wonder if it is really worth it…..i think about you and your sweet family at least once a day….mainly in prayer, but a lot of times when i look at my girls…or other’s kiddos……i have completely changed the way i think about the little lives that i have in my hands…..thank you for sharing your blog with us.

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