Dear Evy:

promising to live a happy and simpler life in honor of my evelyn

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Event: Ellie & Tyler’s 4 Miler + Evy’s 10K

When: Saturday, September 13, 2014 – 9:00 AM

Where: Miami Whitewater Park, Harrison Ohio

Entry Fee: $20 includes Race Shirt (if registered by August 30th)

sign up online      •print pdf registration form       •sponsorship form

This event is to promote awareness of SIDS and proceeds go to safe sleep projects, SIDS research and to provide financial assistant to families who lose a child. The Ellise Brown Foundation is in charge of this event. Ellise  ‘Ellie’ Brown died from SIDS at 4 months of age. Ellie’s parents took over the ‘Tyler’s Run’ and added Ellie’s name to the event.

The Ellise Brown Foundation, Ellie’s parents, reached out to us immediately after Evy’s passing. This is why this foundation is so important to us. They contacted us the morning after Evy’s passing and wanted to provide financial assistance for Evy’s funeral cost. This is the message we received on our facebook moments after we arrived at Fitch Denney Funeral Home –

Adam and Beth, I want to start out by offering my deepest sympathy to you and your family. My name is Andrea Brown and I currently teach at South Dearborn High School and have been in the area all my life. On January 9, 2013, I lost my daughter Ellie at 4 months old to SIDS. This is a very difficult time that I would not wish on anyone. I unfortunately have been there and am saddened to hear you have to be there too. In honor of our daughter we started the Ellise Brown Foundation and part of our mission is to pay for funerals of children who were taken too soon.  My family and I would love to take this burden off your shoulders as you mourn your daughter. Again, my deepest deepest sympathy. It is a very difficult time and a very long journey. If you need anything please email or call. I know our circumstances may be different but we have both lost an infant and I can relate to how you feel. God Bless and Many Many Prayers, Pete and Andrea Brown

This message was a ray of sunshine to our horrible tragedy. The outpouring of support is the only reason I truly believe that I have been able to be so strong through all of this. Pete and Andrea brown have touched our lives deeply and now became our friends. They have been a great support to us. This is why I want to support their foundation and their run – to raise money to help prevent any infant mortality and to help families financially during tragedy.

They changed the 5k to a 4 miler because the actual ‘race timing people’ (very official title) said the way the course ran would be better as a 4 mile than a 5k. The Brown’s thought that it was perfect – 1 mile for every month of Ellie’s life. Last year, runners asked if they would consider adding a 10k. In honor of Evy, they are naming the 10k after her and it is one kilometer for every month of Evy’s life. It’s just coincidence but Adam and I could not be more honored and proud to have Evy being represented too!

Celebrate Evy 10K Run T-shirtSo please join us in September to honor and celebrate the lives of these two amazing girls, Ellie and Evy! (…and we’ll probably shed a few tears.) A race shirt is included with registration, but some of my friends and family talked about getting shirts made for us to all walk / run in for that day. So we designed our Celebrate Evy shirts. If you are interested in one, let me know. They will be around $10 each. We are getting shirts in men and women’s sizes and tank tops, oh and kid’s sizes too :). Ava of course needs one! Let me know what size and type of shirt you would like and I will get them ordered. Thank you everyone for all of your support!

3 thoughts on “Celebrate Evy: 10K Run

  1. Barbara Lies says:

    Hi Beth, I will take a ladies medium. I think my daughter and granddaughter may run too and I’ll let you know what sizes! Barbara

  2. Cindy Batta says:

    I would love to buy a shirt. I would need a woman’s small. I also plan on signing up for the run.

    1. Beth Legge says:

      Hi Cindy, your shirt is ready at McCabe’s or I could drop it off to you too. Just let me know! Thanks!

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