Dear Evy:

promising to live a happy and simpler life in honor of my evelyn

So they say everything happens for a reason. One of my friends posted that on facebook after you passed. She hated that saying and has dealt with tragedy in her life and couldn’t understand how a baby dying could happen for a “reason.” It is a poor saying. It is cold and empty. The saying just doesn’t have any heart behind it. But we are focusing on the wrong part. Instead of  what is the reason for your death, we need to focus on the reason for your life. I know it sounds similar, but it’s not the same. You were put on this earth for a reason: To give me joy, to understand a deeper love than I could ever know, to bring me closer to God, to make me cherish every moment, to take my life in a new direction. In a happy and simple direction.

Would I rather you have not been born if I knew that you were going to die in a short 10 months? To save me from my heartache and sorrow? Absolutely not. You gave me so much love and sweet sweet kisses and cuddles. I would never trade those 10 months of pure love even if I knew the outcome. Your life had a reason.

God has a plan. That is another saying I have heard a lot. But his plan is not to cause hurt and sorrow. God has shown me love. God is love. He gave us you Evelyn. God too lost a child. He gave us Jesus. Jesus unjustly died, was beaten and crucified. Jesus was sent to us for a reason and he too has changed the way people live their lives. Maybe it’s wrong to compare you to Jesus, but you too are a child of God and working your own little miracles.

Evelyn, I know you have big plans for us. I said those exact words over and over at your visitation. You have big plans for us. We don’t know all of it yet, but you and God will continue to show us and guide us. As long as I can feel you near and picture you at the feet of Jesus, then I will be patiently waiting for your plan to unveil itself.

Mike McCabe and Evelyn Sarah Legge

Your tiny hands have touched our hearts.


4 thoughts on “Dear Evy: The Reason

  1. Kelly says:

    Reading this I find myself agreeing with every single word but until now hadn’t realized that that’s how I felt. And it’s not just you, so many others are drawing closer to God and finding joy in simpler ways in honor of Evelyn. Xo

  2. Mary E. Steininger says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. You are all constantly in my prayers. I love you so much.

    1. Sue Clark says:

      Little Evy it is so amazing to me just how many lives you really have touched. I fell the whole community and beyond feels the pain of your parents, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbor’s and the list goes on forever. I have to agree with your mother that your short time with us was always joyful. You were the sweetest happiest baby there ever was. You showed us all so much love. You’re Always in my heart and on my mind. I Love You Little Angel!

  3. Like you, we too heard these words. I too became closer to God and never asked why. Unlike you, I have a guilty conscious because I was watching the twins when they got out. I pray each night that God comes and gets me, when I wake up I say maybe today will be the day. Unfortunately, my daughter has turned away from God. I hope one day she will return to her faith. Like Evy, the girls touched so many lives. I have read your views and wished I had been as brave and as smart as you. It made me realize the same thing, it doesn’t make it hurt less or the tears from flowing but, it gives me some insight that I did not have. Thank you Beth.

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